Collaboration in Journalism and PR

As the old saying goes “the more the merrier”. In the articles for this week a topic that was heavily discussed was collaborative journalism. Collaborative journalism is a practice journalists use to obtain more information than they could find by themselves. One of the ways collaborative journalism can be done is with a group of professional journalists all working on the same project and sharing the information they find within their group. Another way collaborative journalism can be done is through the public and journalists. A journalist could use social media to obtain information on a story by getting different accounts from people such as on Facebook or Twitter. Collaboration should always be built off trust and building these bonds with other journalists and the public is very important to be successful in the practice.

Some tips for dealing with the public on social media that stuck with me most was to respond to as many comments as possible as soon as possible, defining who the “troll” is and if the comment is even worth responding, and always trying to respond in a helpful and respectable manner. It helps to build a strong relationship with the public and build trust with them. The criticism from the public can be very helpful. And any information that you can get from the people can be helpful in your collaborative efforts.


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