Why Blogging is Best

A common theme across the web is that blogs are an innovative tool that can help many different people do many different things. They are quick, easy, and transparent. Companies that use blogs are much more close and honest with their audiences and are more able to share information on whats going on regarding a company and its products.

A blog is a website or forum that a company or individual manages to get information out to the public instantly and straight from the source. It can easily be defined by 3 special characteristics. The first being that they are frequently updated by the company or person and that all posts are in reverse chronological order meaning the most recent things will be at the top. Second is that each entry need to have a headline and a body. And lastly is  that the blog should contain a space for readers to leave comments and feedback about the authors post.

The reason blogs are so popular among those in public relations and journalism is because it is a way to not get the information “spun” as mentioned in this article. The information is coming from a verified source run by the company themselves so you can expect the information to be honest and accurate. Not only is it a great tool for releasing information but also can be very useful in discovering criticism about your product or company.  Because Seton Hall is a university starting a blog for the President would create a monitored platform for students and the president to maintain a two way relationship over the web to discuss  and share information on current events and important school issues.

The blog would not only benefit Seton Hall as a university but it may also enhance the perception and image people have of our President. If Dr. Esteban began a blog it would immediately separate him from other university officials elsewhere who do not have one. It can give the impression that he is honest and transparent about the university. Also when searching for information journalists often times want to hear from those who are most important and have most influence on the subject at hand. Dr. Esteban not only could manage what information is being released about himself and the school but he can also respond and clear up any grievances that students or parents or anyone for that matter that they might have in the comment section. It would be a great way to promote and manage the Seton Hall brand along with the other strategies mentioned in this article.

Creating a blog would not only help because of the reasons above but also because a blog by Seton Hall could be used to reach a number of different audiences. Students, parents, faculty, and alumni would probably be at the core of those who read in. However the blog would also be great for journalists and news organizations to retrieve vital information on the university in a timely fashion. Many organizations have seen success in starting a blog and much like other universities Seton Hall can enhance its brand immensely by doing so. Seton Hall should be next to hop on the blog bandwagon and could see good amounts of success if they were to join in.

For more info on blogs check out these two blogs about other universities. And this video.

George Mason University

University of Washington



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