Becoming a Follower

For the Twitter chat this week we discussed the departure of Seton Hall’s President Esteban with the hashtag #SHUTransition. The use of Twitter for this weeks assignment was a great way to get student feedback on a subject matter that is important to talk about and it was interesting to hear differing opinions. Some believe the situation was handled well, while others thought it was a disaster. Overall the chat was pretty easy to do and I was engaged while participating. Being able to comment on ideas and solutions people might have to certain issues about the transition helps distinguish the good from the bad and could actually bring up change. One of the main things that was reinforced to me this week is how important it is for the university to be transparent and communicate with its faculty and students.

These are my tweets for the week.

Here are my favorite tweets from others.

What I like about this tweet is that it is an idea that also crossed my mind. However i quickly shot it down due to the obvious risk of unruly students on social media.

This tweet encapsulates for me the issue Seton Hall is having with communication. Its obvious there are some problems and speaking about them is the first step in solving them. Communication could have prevented a lot of confusion and outrage.



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