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NEWS                                                                                                 Seton Hall American Red Cross Club For immediate release                                                                              400 South Orange Avenue                                                                                                                                  South Orange, NJ, 07079

CONTACT: Joe Daniels                                                                                                                                            (503) 555-8599


     SOUTH ORANGE, N.J. (MARCH 28, 2017) – The Seton Hall American Cross club is hosting a Zumba Night in the Main Lounge on Monday, April 3rd from 6 – 7 pm. Tickets to the event are five dollars and can be found on

Proceeds from the event like previous others are to go the Red Cross Organization and the event is open to any and all participants willing to join. Joe Daniels who is on the e-board  had said ” One of our e-board members is certified in teaching Zumba so we thought it would be a great way to keep people active and have some fun. ” In February the American Red Cross Club at Seton Hall  held an event in the Walsh Gym to celebrate heart month. Along with another tabling event last week in the University Center. The club states that the events are “all in the same spirit.” The American Red Cross Club at Seton Hall has worked closely with the Red Cross Organization to aid in whichever way the University can. There has been multiple blood drives, informative sessions, and events to raise proceeds for the organization. The Zumba event is an experimentive one and if goes well the club would be sure to hold future events like it if met with positive response.

The American Red Cross Organization is a humanitarian organization that has provided emergency assistance and disaster relief service since its formation in 1881. For more information on the Seton Hall American Red Cross Club visit its official Facebook page here. For a gallery of previous events and things from the club check their Photobucket page.




Mardi Gras 2k17

Brandon Cintron and Bianca Carasus

The topic we selected to conduct our interviews on was Mardi Gras. The reason we chose Mardi Gras was because today Tuesday, February 28 is indeed Mardi Gras. It is an overlooked holiday that many people don’t know the actual meaning of. So today we interviewed some people to see what they know.

The three main questions we asked were:

Did you know that today was Mardi Gras?

How did you celebrate the Mardi Gras festivities?

Can you explain what Mardi Gras is or what it means to you?

The hashtag that we chose to go along with the assignment was #MardiGras2k17 because it was simple and clearly showed our topic of discussion.

After conducting interview onetwo, and three I came to the conclusion that Mardi Gras is somewhat a forgotten holiday for those not in New Orleans. People either did not know that today was Mardi Gras, or knew and just did not know what that meant. Mardi Gras is a holiday that is somewhat region specific. Based off my interviews not many people actually celebrate it and do not know the true meaning of “Fat Tuesday.” I feel like if more people knew what Mardi Gras was they would celebrate it more just for the grand amounts of food they could eat.

Mobile Reporting

Mobile reporting is a practice of journalism that is relatively young in its life cycle. With new and transformative technological breakthroughs in smart phones and tablets journalists have the ability to do their job from anywhere at anytime. Mobile reporting takes advantage of the many capabilities of a smart phone has and can be used for recording audio, video, taking photos, typing articles, and just about everything a journalist would need. Mobile reporting is especially good for those who work on the go. A journalist is always on the clock considering that what they should be reporting is stuff that is new and obviously not heard yet. Therefore being able to do your job from the palm of your hand and instantly share your information online is a big step forward for the future of journalism.

Mobile reporting is especially useful when covering live events such as awards shows, or sporting events because it allows for constant updates on what is going on. Those who are at the event can share photo and video with others not able to attend and can show a clear depiction of what is happening. Anything that is breaking news can also be reporting by phone. Getting eyewitness video and interviews can be done very easily without an entire camera crew. Mobile reporting is simple because not much materials are needed. If you are a “light packer” like they mention in the article all you would really need is your smartphone. However if you are a reporter who doesn’t just rely on their phone and take a more traditional approach you may need a camera, tripod, microphone, etc. Pro news agencies are using mobile reporting