Mobile Reporting

Mobile reporting is a practice of journalism that is relatively young in its life cycle. With new and transformative technological breakthroughs in smart phones and tablets journalists have the ability to do their job from anywhere at anytime. Mobile reporting takes advantage of the many capabilities of a smart phone has and can be used for recording audio, video, taking photos, typing articles, and just about everything a journalist would need. Mobile reporting is especially good for those who work on the go. A journalist is always on the clock considering that what they should be reporting is stuff that is new and obviously not heard yet. Therefore being able to do your job from the palm of your hand and instantly share your information online is a big step forward for the future of journalism.

Mobile reporting is especially useful when covering live events such as awards shows, or sporting events because it allows for constant updates on what is going on. Those who are at the event can share photo and video with others not able to attend and can show a clear depiction of what is happening. Anything that is breaking news can also be reporting by phone. Getting eyewitness video and interviews can be done very easily without an entire camera crew. Mobile reporting is simple because not much materials are needed. If you are a “light packer” like they mention in the article all you would really need is your smartphone. However if you are a reporter who doesn’t just rely on their phone and take a more traditional approach you may need a camera, tripod, microphone, etc. Pro news agencies are using mobile reporting


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